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Be the leader ó be the one who wrote the book!

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When you look at people who are acknowledged as
experts or visionaries in their field or industry, what is it that establishes them as leaders?† Very often, they wrote the book. Sure, it helps to be successful, but itís not just success. There are plenty of successful executives and businesses who are not seen as gurus or industry movers. When youíre the one who wrote the book, youíre the authority.† Youíre the leader.



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Executive Ghostwriting

Would you like to:


Position your company as an innovator and leader?

Move the market your way?

Drive the conversation in your marketplace?

Establish your executive (or yourself) as a market visionary?


ProSemantics offers an original way to position your company as a leader and to frame the debate in your industry in your own terms.† Our Executive Ghostwriting Program provides you with a powerful market-moving tool that establishes your executive as a mover and shaker.


A book then gives your executive credentials to be a sought-after speaker and industry spokesperson.† Itís good for their career, and great for your organization.† Clients will be proud to work with you, prospects will be impressed.† And your sales team will thank you for the unique and potent competitive differentiator you have provided them.


Our seasoned business writers will work with your executive and marketing teams to ghost-write a compelling book that expounds your vision and makes a convincing case for your view of the world.† Then we walk you through the publishing process.† Whether you just want to have books available for your own marketing purposes, or want to take a shot a being a bestseller, we see that your book gets into print in first class fashion.


So, give it some thought:


What makes you different?

What do you see that others donít?

What problem are you solving that others are missing?


Then call us at ProSemantics. We provide professional writing services for business. Find out how we can make you look good, and position you as a leader.†