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ProSemantics Founder and President, Jeff Yoder

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Jeff Yoder has over 30 years of professional writing and business experience, as well as being a nationally recognized author.  He has been a founding member of two highly successful software startups, managed a $20 million corporate business unit, led marketing campaigns, written non-fiction and fiction, and is a professor of Business Ethics. He has particular domain expertise in the area of Business Performance Management software. His past writing ventures have had him featured in People magazine, Newsweek, and on national TV shows like Phil Donohue and Dick Cavett.  He has had the privilege of developing a large network of professional writers and business specialists over the course of his career.


ProSemantics writers

Our bench includes writers with specialties in software, education, marketing, training, elearning, medicine, technology, environment, military, non-profit, fiction, non-fiction ghostwriting, web marketing, and many other disciplines, platforms, and styles.


Our philosophy

We’re only happy if you’re happy.  Our goal is to develop long term relationships with clients for repeat business.  We work with businesses that value professionalism, and work within your budget. Our job is to make you look good. Period.

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